WWE parody Twitter “CrankyVince” revealed?

It happened during my second or third week. While sitting at the office of ETNR here in Effingham, sifting mindlessly through my Twitter feed, I saw what was possible a mistake. It was out of the ordinary for this specific user. Instead of the usual vulgarity and down right crude humor, it was seemingly a legitimate tweet. One that was taken down seconds later.

Luckily, being a journalist, I knew better than to leave the screen while the tweet was still visible to me. So I opened the Snipping Tool on my laptop and snapped the following photo of the tweet:


Shortly after I had the photo saved, I attempted to reply to the cranky WWE CEO, Vince McMahon. Or, at least, the man parodying the CEO on Twitter. The micro blogging displayed a error message saying that the tweet had been deleted. But luckily, I had my photo.

I decided to do a bit of investigative journalism, if you’d want to call it that. I took the hashtag and searched for it on Twitter. I was shocked to find the exact same tweet from a man who recently returned to the WWE:

JBLThese two tweets occurred minutes, if not seconds, within each other. John “Bradshaw” Layfield had tweeted the same tweet.

This doesn’t prove that JBL is the man behind CrankyVince, which is an account WWE has tried getting suspended. It could be that the man behind the parody had copied the tweet and had other intentions. But, the way it was posted leads this reporter to believe that JBL may be behind the parody account.

What do you think?


*These tweets occurred on February 6, 2013 and are 100% legitimate.



  • Joey

    Happened again tonight, bud.

    • Damien J. Dennis

      As a journalist, rule it’s not wise to comment not only on your own article but in response to a comment. However, in this case, as a fan, I will make an exception…

      I missed that tweet sadly but that’s insane. I haven’t seen anyone else when the Cranky Vince discussions come about mention JBL despite at least two obvious mishaps on Twitter.

      • Feed Back

        I think the Cranky guy is just trolling JBL and trying to frame him. JBL is a notorious asskisser.

        • Damien J. Dennis

          Oh, I could definitely see that. The only thing that may trump that theory is how quickly those tweets occur and then the fact that they are deleted almost right away.

          • Feed Back

            How does that trump the theory? Cranky needs to delete the tweets to sell it.

          • Damien J. Dennis

            Just how quickly they are deleted. You’re right on the selling part. It’s just almost too quick for that in my opinion.

          • Feed Back

            It was enough for tons of people to get screencaps, including you. He’s selling it right.

          • Damien J. Dennis

            I am just skeptical, but I do like your theory. Like I said before, I could believe it.


        Try to use logic here. For both of these Tweets, JBL tweeted first, then CrankyVince tweeted the exact same thing very shortly afterwards. The whole idea here is supposed to be that JBL accidentally tweeted from the wrong account, then quickly deleted it & tweeted from the right account.

        Yet, CrankyVince didn’t tweet first, JBL did. So why would JBL accidentally tweet the same thing from another account after already tweeting from his real account?

        JBL’s being set up, and bah gawd ah love it Maggle!